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Gloria and Diana

Diana Long Floral Dress

Diana Long Floral Dress

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Indulge in the enchantment of our "Diana" Long Floral Dress — a masterpiece that seamlessly blends grace and allure for your next special occasion.

  • Long Floral Chiffon Dress With Lace Top 
  • Green Lace Bra Detail: Elevate your style with a touch of sophistication as the dress boasts a captivating green lace bra detail. Held by delicate floral accents, it adds a hint of allure to your neckline.
  • Pink and Green Rose Florals: Immerse yourself in a garden of romance with the dress adorned in vivid pink and green rose floral details, interspersed with subtle hints of orange. Each petal tells a story of natural elegance.
  • Open Back with Criss-Cross Tied Corset: Make a statement with an alluring open back featuring a criss-cross-tied corset. This intricate detail not only adds a touch of drama but also ensures a perfect, customized fit.
  • Front and Back Strings for Adjustable Fit: The dress is designed with strings both in the front and back, allowing you to customize and tie them according to your comfort and style preference.
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